It is a very stressful thing to lock ourselves out of our car. It is a very common problem nowadays and we have seen an increase in the demand for Locksmiths. Today locks are coming with some advanced technologies and that’s why there are more chances of getting ourselves locked out. We needed to go to an Auto Locksmith in Memphis when we were stuck in this situation. Users can come to us and they will get the best Car Locksmith in Memphis. 

Reasons for locking ourselves out of the car

Locking ourselves out is a very common mistake a user makes. The main reason is to forget the key inside the car. There are many other reasons, let us focus on it. 


We are always in a hurry when we are going by car and that is the main reason, we forgot to take our keys out. There can be various reasons for this forgetfulness and we think it is a very common and normal experience that a user does in their life. Users can call Locksmith service Memphis so that they can get rid of this situation. But what about the next time, we can also face this stressful situation again in our life, so how to get rid of this situation. 

Users need to relax their mind when they are driving their car and then they need to set up their mind that before leaving the car, they need to give a minute to themselves to check whether we have kept them out of the lock. So that you don’t have to face this issue again, a single minute is not a big thing.

Key Fob Battery Died

As we know that in keyless cars, we have always a fear of getting fob batteries to die at some time. When we are out of our car and at the same time, the fob battery dies, then it is a very annoying situation we have to deal with. If you are lucky then you will get Car Locksmith Memphis near you. Otherwise, it will be a big problem.

The best way to prevent this issue is to always keep in mind that the amount of fob battery is not low. Generally, there is a warning light, which will appear when the battery is low, so you don’t have to face this situation. Once you get the warning light, just go back to change the battery. 

Simple Key

The simplicity of the key is also a reason for forgetting the key in our car. If your key is not noticeable and grabbing your attention then you can forget your key in the car. If there is a simple ring then it will not be attractive and possible to misplace them frequently.

So the best way to prevent this situation is to make your key attractive so that it can grab your attention and you will never forget to grab your key before exiting the car. Your key should be bright and there should be an attractive keychain that can always remind you to grab the key. These things will work as a reminder to grab your key always before exiting the car. 

Make a habit

We all are very careful when we talk about placing our mobile phone and purse in the car. When it comes to car keys, we are very careless, our all attention is towards our mobile and purse. So it is quite necessary to keep all the things in front of your eyes so that you can remember while exiting from your car. 

So if you are keeping the key out of your pocket then make sure that you are keeping it at a place, which is easily visible in the car. This idea will help you to keep your keys at a safe place and when you are habitual to this, you don’t have to face this issue again in your life. 

Bundle of Keys

Losing a key in a car is very common because when we stop the car somewhere and turn off our car then we don’t grab our key from the car and just keep it there. We also have a bunch of other keys at the same time, so we just forget to grab our keys outside the car because of confusion.

So we just need to make sure that our car key will be different from all the other keys so that no confusion can arise and we need to grab our key all the time when we are turning our car off. 

What to do

If you are stuck in this situation then don’t hesitate to call us. Our experienced technicians will help you to solve your problem within time. Just call us on this number and get the perfect solution to your problem.